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What is a computer ?

Collectively, with networking and the Internet - the most advanced general purpose tool ever devised Ö

As a piece of office equipment: It's a near limitless Invoicing, Accounting, Credit Control, Letter-writing, Bespoke & Bulk mail machine including automatic sending &/or replying to incoming queries: A duplicator, photocopier, filing, searching, sorting and retrieval system: It'll take dictation, keep individual and team diaries, be an alarm clock, facilitate making travel arrangements & bookings - and more.

As a leisure system: It's a Record player, Radio, TV, Video recorder & Games machine. 

As a Communications device: It offers batch and instant Text messaging, Voice & Video Telephony, conventional-like telephone, Faxing and Mobile text messaging. It's an Answering machine and Voicemail system; can facilitate your working from home - or anywhere else in the world, and indirectly includes the best directory-enquiries service ever.

As a research or information tool: It includes the contents of more literature, books, tapes, videos and training courses than any countries collective public and private libraries: Has immediate Interpreter functionality to and from most major languages: can accept simple enquiries and return sometimes hundreds of thousands of answers in micro-seconds - and more.

Itís a Global Shop where you can buy nearly anything available - and sell anything (legal) that you want.

As a life changer: Is the first tool in human history that enables mass social advancement without it involving the subjugation, enslavement or otherwise being at the cost of another human being.

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