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Home Phone / Landline

Office Phone

Home Phone calls between members included... Free. Unlimited 'Friends & Family' numbers? Peak-time landline calls from 1.9p down to 1.45p per minute.
Off-Peak from 0.9p down to 0.6p per minute.  Capped cost options to National, International & Mobile numbers. e.g.
Home Phone - option 2 Inclusive Evening & Week-end calls 5 - or
Home Phone - option 3 Inclusive calls at anytime to Local & National numbers @ 9.50 per month - or Unlimited free landline calls with 512kbps Broadband Internet with @ 19.50

 sub 1hr. National call for 9p;
sub 1hr. call to mobile for 25p;
sub 1hr. call to Canada, Europe
or Pacific Rim for 18p;
& sub 1hr to USA for 9p

Mobile Phone

Office Mobile
FreeCall: Free mobile calls to other FreeCall numbers. Ideal for families, friends & partnerships. Line Rental - down to 5/month.
Calls to other Office Mobile numbers just 3p.  Cross Network calls only 10p/minute! (exc.'3')
Calls to landlines: 5p per minute.

Take a new number or keep your existing number/s (if clear of initial contract).
See the range of handsets here, or specify what you'd like when we talk. 
ValueCall: Exceptional value mobile calls from just 8/month: Includes crossnet calls @ 8p/minute.


Office Internet

  • Dial-up service - just 1p per minute
  • 256k Broadband @ 15.95
  • 512k Broadband @ 19.95... Now with unlimited free Local & National landline calls.
  • 1Mbps Broadband @ 24.95
  • 2Mbps Broadband @ 29.95
  • 1 Mbps. with no download limits for one PC, no connection charge, 15Mb. free webspace, and a free USB modem: 25/month.
  • 2 Mbps: 29/month.
  • 2 - 8 PC Network: 40 with free router
  • 9 - 24 PC Network: 60 with free router




The UK's Cheapest! domestic Gas.

The UK's Cheapest! domestic Electricity.

Sorry, until the market is less volatile, the 'UK's Cheapest domestic energy' is only available to premises which are not rated as commercial or industrial users


You can phone or post free if you prefer:-
   FreePhone: 0800 0746 876

   FreePost ANG11125
   RM2 5ZY


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Leave your Details

'Domestic' can include small and home based businesses.  In some cases - like the FreeCall mobile package, you may prefer it to the commercial pricing.  Which type of account depends on whether you will use a private or trading name for payment arrangements.  Please indicate whether we should cover... 'domestic', commercial, or both.

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