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Humans are amazing !: From birth, whilst we call it passive learning - the senses are fully employed absorbing every sound, smell, movement, colour and just about everything else - and processing it.

Where disabilities in one or more senses might arise, the other senses are heightened.

Without getting religious, you've got to take your hat off to the designer. With all our technology, we humans in turn, haven't developed anything non-biological that can even get close - but what a target !

On the other hand, is replicating human capabilities a creditable target at all. Believing that humans are capable of achieving almost anything, perhaps the real opportunity lies in developing and harnessing even the ultimate in tools - whatever that might be, specifically to enable, empower and free us to rise in our endeavours.

That does all sound 'a bit heavy', but without a qualitative overview - making things faster, bigger / smaller, cheaper, selling more - but putting people out of work, enabling higher levels of bureaucracy or crystallising wealth in few hands - is somewhat retrograde. 

Quote: "It's amazing how backwards is progress." { my mum - on occasions }

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