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I believe in education, but I'm not so sure about educationalists. Some - it's said, only teach because they couldn't make it in the outside world. Others - work on peoples awareness of their own lack of knowledge in certain subjects, and sell cheap courses - expensively: And you can get an impressive certificate which says you've attended, even 'passed'. But don't get me wrong, some are undoubtedly excellent, deliver real value - and get results.

The important thing however, is… Be a good student.

There are Teachers… and there are Educators !

After some months of appealing to her girls to quit the mischievous practice of leaving lip-prints on the washroom mirrors, the headmistress apologised to the caretaker that short of getting heavy handed, she didn't know how to stop it. The caretaker suggested a meeting with the probable culprits to put his own appeal to them.

Duly, all gathered as he demonstrated that lipstick just smeared when attempting to clean the glass in the normal way. "Instead, I have to go out and buy special stuff" he told them, getting another bottle from his trolley and spraying a mirror. 

Then taking a loo brush and dipping it in a toilet, he proceeded to scrub the mirror clean, finishing it off with a chamois leather, just to show how much extra effort was involved.

And the lip-prints never appeared again.

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