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Positive thinking:-

Knowledge, Intelligence, Wisdom & Vision are distinctly different human capacities, each a catalyst for things to happen, but often confused… Think about it !

Steve Critchley has an excellent line for getting a positive result when faced with an "I don't know" response, that goes… "I know you don't know, but if you did know, how would you do it"

And the great thing is - that nearly everybody always can !

One of Henry Fords sayings was - If you think you can, or you think you can't… your bound to be right.

This is not just true for individuals, it's more powerful still when a group, team or organisation collectively believe both in what they are doing and that whatever the goal - it can be achieved. 

Whilst just one person can make a huge difference, if anyone decides that the team will excel without that team buying in to the idea - then they are indeed being unrealistic.

There is a wealth of material which I believe can help anyone to help themselves to reach beyond limits they thought impossible.  Much of it is freely available... at your local library.  Read the books, listen to the tapes, watch the videos - and build your own library for the best results.

A lot of stuff on positive thinking is awfully boring, and of course different styles suit different people.

What works for me might not do anything for you, you'll have to try it to know.

Randy Gage is absolutely the most positive person I know. He's graduated from "high school drop-out", criminal, failure and being destitute - to having so much integrity and drive along with vision and wisdom that he's in demand throughout the world for what he inspires in people. And on a commercial note - he's also retired young, and the richest person I know.

I seriously recommend that you read and listen to some of his material, or even go and meet him on one of the rare occasions that he's coaxed out to give a seminar.

I've never met Jim Rohn, but I intend to. His tape set 'The Art of Excellent Living' is full of treasures and will probably never loose top place in my library.

In 'Self Esteem & Peak Performance', Jack Canfield tells some wonderful and heart rending true stories, and imparts an understanding that having built our self-esteem, it doesn't matter what others think. But that's not giving his teachings their deserved status… you've got to hear him!

The Richest man in the world - in his time, Andrew Carnegie never got to writing books, but he delegated the job to Napoleon Hill, whose 'Think and Grow Rich' is renowned as one of the classics and possibly the first ever publicly available works on systematic success.

Initially, I was embarrassed to even ask for it at the local library: 'Think and Grow Rich' - sounds so materialistic, but since then, I've bought and given away more than a dozen copies. Do I believe it's good ? Indubitably !

Why all this going on about positive thinking ?

Simply because only you are in control of what you can or can't achieve - and all the teachers, trainers and courses you might experience are secondary.

And just as a trailer…

When all the 'positive stuff' gets too much and the natural converse reaction kicks in -

Take a visit to, it will always raise a smile and can be quite refreshing.

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