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Don't get paranoid: You ARE the target !

THE intention here is to encourage and assist you in business and life.
The best things in life may be free, but that depends on what each of us considers are the best things in life, which is entirely subjective.

Other things cost, if not in money, then in effort, skill or risk etc.

People involved in building small to medium businesses are often working more hours for less pay than their employees.

Whilst it's probable that you are mixing with your peers in the same industry, do you belong to your local Chamber of Commerce or Business Club/s?
They can be excellent sources of contacts and members actively introduce or recommend each others products and services, which is generally much more effective - and cheaper than conventional marketing.

Successful people almost invariably 'network' in one fashion or another.

For those who haven't yet started a business on their own account, or have but want to keep their options open...

The world is full of opportunities - but where do you find them, how do you identify the good from the bad and when you've achieved all you want, how do you help or give some of it back?

Here, we recommend or introduce you to Free or Low-Cost ways to fulfill your dreams - assuming you have or had some.  There are legal and moral ways to get money, make money, save money, help yourself, help those around you - and enjoy it! Technology, computing and the Internet have become extremely significant factors enabling Individuals and small to medium enterprises to compete effectively in the marketplace and to this end, a considerable part of the projects aim is to help, guide and develop our current and future colleagues in the use of the new technologies.

This is not altruistic, but reflects the philosophy that each of us will achieve what we want best through helping others achieve what they want.



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