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Genisys is a platform to promote Enterprise, Wealth, Health and Personal Development.

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Genisys is a spill-off activity from a group of computer and business consultants.

The name was coined partly from the search for something short which might inherently have nuances indicating the initiation of a new organisation, emerging technologies and association with empowering people through the use of the World Wide Web... and partly because we'd got into the habit of labelling our systems with biblical and mythical names - Eve, Adam, Job(lot), Solomon, Midas etc.

[ Genesis [ Thesaurus : English ( UK ) – 
Origin | Start | Initiation | Commencement | Beginning | Opening | Advent | Dawn ]
Synonyms: beginning, birth, dawn, genesis, nascence, rise
Nouns denoting the initial stage of a developmental process: the beginning of a new era in technology; the birth of generative grammar; the dawn of civilization; the genesis of quantum mechanics; the nascence of classical sculpture; the rise and decline of an ancient city-state. ]

Our own variation - short for Generic Information Systems, seemed pretty relevant... and so it came to pass.

Following a project started in 1996 to assist the refurbishment of a historic site, in 1998 we planned and prepared to launch an Internet Service Provider operation which in association with the owners, was to be based in the 'Secret Nuclear Command Bunker' at Kelvedon Hatch near Brentwood in Essex.

With some 2,500 telephone lines, an exchange, broadcasting studio and albeit outdated links to other command centres across the UK, the bunker which was designed to house up to 600 personnel and withstand all but a direct nuclear hit is both an interesting and practical base as a secure data and operations centre.

However, economic realities shifted with the advent of a competitive startup called Freeserve and not believing that we could support a free subscription service without selling masses of advertising - which wasn't part of the plan, the new enterprise was shelved.

Still finding that a lot of what we were making available for friends, colleagues and clients didn't fit as a core part of the consultancy business/es and that the tendency to provide free material 'pro bono' which as such is somewhat impractical for invoicing, lead to continuing Genisys as an enterprise project or activity which is not solely commercial.

Perhaps the greatest advantages are those which are derived from simply mixing with the group/s of like minded entrepreneurs...

The consequence is that we've created this 'Platform to promote Enterprise, Wealth, Health and Personal Development' to enable and link to as much 'self-help' and group collaboration as visitors - including ourselves, might want... albeit mitigated by what's practical and how much time and inclination each of us chooses to put in ( after all, the target is for us all to have ample revenue through initiative and technology to be free to sit on the beach, go flying, look after our families or whatever - out of the rat-race).

In the spirit of a business club, Genisys inherently includes encouraging you to use the products and services, or consider the opportunities available from or through our associates where we know them to be worthy of recommendation.