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OK, I'm looking for a bigger job that pays more money, or is it, I'm looking for a better job that won't stress me out so much and leaves me time to spend with my family?  Maybe... I've been building my company for fifteen years, the turnover is high, I've got a good car, a nice house, but actually the bank still owns more of it than I do... I'm going to leave here and go off to find something that will make me rich!

Where did you find your fortune or are you still looking?  Is it possible that you're oblivious to what's around you right now?, that you're turning a blind eye or deaf ear to an opportunity in your own 'back yard'?

Whilst dated, you might find inspiration in the time-honoured words of Dr. Russell Conwells 'Acres of Diamonds'.

You do need a Revenue, you may or may not need a Job!

Recent results on Job advertising has shown that top management positions can go unfilled for months whilst an advert for one relatively menial part-time worker produces thousands of enquiries.  Why?

Of course, each of us has views reflecting our own experience or knowledge, but whatever other conclusions that can be drawn from it, there is unquestionably a very large number of people needing to earn extra income without the commitment or capacity required of a full-time career.

We may well cover some 'other' methods in the future, but for now, this section focuses on the most powerful and cost effective way to achieve all you want without any special talents, rich relatives or luck.

THE absolutely best system throughout time has been to help others to help yourself through sharing what you know.

So, what do you share with your friends, family and colleagues? 
The location of your favourite restaurant? What films are an absolute 'must see'?... and do you get paid when you do that? - Probably not.

BUT a lot of people do get paid for recommending the benefits of things they've come across and got involved with because they like it themselves.

And a lot of other people look horrified, turn their backs and think 'isn't that network marketing or pyramid selling or something... I knew someone who tried that once and it didn't work!"

If you're an enterprising person and have an open mind, you're probably already in the first group.  IF you're in the second group, welcome to the New World where if you look closely you'll find that relying on job security and trusting the pension fund holds out just isn't viable for most of society anymore.

Success naturally depends on how good your product is, how many people want it's benefits, how much time it takes to inform them about it and the amount of servicing involved after the initial introduction etc.

OK, let's dispense with any negative impressions that linger...
Can we recommend a few sources of good reasoning? Go to our page of information on Referral & Network Marketing.

Done that?, Good, now How do you find the ideal product or service for you, run by people with a level of integrity that you'd admire and feel entirely comfortable with? - Yep, same answer... through recommendation!

The list on the right leads to ours.
You'll find information about the organisations, the people that drive them, the good bits, and the not so good bits... these are essentially honest or we'll not get recommended ourselves.

There is another list we will be publishing.  That's the ones to avoid. 

This site is for you! and your feedback will help expand the lists and guide those who follow. 

Quite rightly, the law obliges us to include the following statutory statement:
‘It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting other people to join a trading scheme. Do not be misled that high earnings can be easily achieved’.

Direct Mail -
Is also stated
that Direct Mail can be the fastest way to Financial Independence.
However, naturally again this depends on how good the product is and the demand for it, but here it doesn't involve teamwork so you'll be the only driving force.  Direct Mail relies on the quality of your mailing list and on your recipients being happy to get such mail from you - as opposed to seeing it as yet more junk mail.

There are excellent products on offer and lots of people have made extreme amounts of money, but it may be necessary to spend more testing the market than you're comfortable with.



Your mission - If you're ready to undertake it, is to evaluate these seriously.
Introduce your friends, colleagues and contacts to the UKs cheapest Gas & Electricity, 'Free' and/or 'best value' landline & mobile phone services, along with broadband ( e.g.  broadband with unlimited inclusive 'free' national landline calls for £19.95/month).. And Get Paid ! 
"If you want to retire in 25 years, that's your business.  If you want to retire in 3 to 5 years... Welcome to ours !"

“Using the 2003 lists of public companies as reported in the Fortune 500, the Global Fortune 1000, and the Forbes 500, and after adjusting for inflation, as far as we can determine, Tahitian Noni International would have been the fourth fastest-growing company in modern history [behind Google, Intel, and Federal Express].”