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Genisys' Associates offer...

Business Discount Club savings

Broadband Internet at exceptional rates

Freephone Number/s...  for less than the kids pocket money

Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Commercial Art and Consultancy

Health & Safety Consultancy and Training

'High Value, Low Cost'... Mobile Phone calls 

'Home Phone' for Free unlimited UK calls...

Professional Studio & On-location Photography

Web Design - Content Management Solution

Broadband Internet at exceptional rates

512Kb Broadband inclusive with 'Free' UK telephone calls - at £19.95 /month.
Unlimited... 1 Mb Broadband at £19.96 /month OR  2 Mb Broadband at £24.95 /month. 
Free Modem, Personal Web Space, 10 email accounts with Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam facilities included.

Freephone numbers for less than pocket money...
At 50 pence per week plus call charges. Each call is charged at 7.5p per Peak minute or 6.5p per off-peak minute. All calls are billed in seconds, not rounded up in minutes, with a minimum call charge of just 2p. With no set-up fees or connection charges this is ideal for a sales campaign, cheap for your staff to phone in, and even great for the kids to phone home.

Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Commercial Art and Consultancy
Graphic design  is a form of visual communication; a marketing tool or outlet; it is commercial art; it is conceptual or fashionable design. Whichever description suits, graphic design is not advertising, it is not printing, it is not photography or illustration, but the thought process that leads to, uses or incorporates any or all of the these. The role of the graphic designer is 'to make it happen', to take a marketing problem from the client brief and follow it through to the solution.

Health & Safety Consultancy
Essential Safety specialise in coaching companies in the benefits of health and safety. Through an innovative approach they will help you to use health and safety as a management tool to increase productivity and bottom line profit. In 2002, Essential Safety, won top trainer of the year award from the HSE national conference.

Low Cost Mobiles... FreeCall & ValueCall from The Utility Warehouse:-

Everyone on FreeCall can make unlimited free calls to other FreeCall customers. Ideal for Friends, Families and Small Businesses.  Line Rental from £10/month with no minimum contract. More...
ValueCall - up to 80% cheaper than other Network Tariffs.  £8/month Line rental and 8p/minute calling including 'cross-network'. More...
Handsets available with FreeCall & ValueCall

Get 'Home Phone' for Unlimited Free Calls to other Club members

If your friends, family & colleagues aren't in the club - they should be.  However, for just £9.50/month you can make any number of calls to all standard UK landlines at no extra charge.  With no minimum term contract it's a 'must try' package.  If you are not absolutely delighted with the service and the savings you're making, simply cancel and go back to BTs higher prices.  More...

Professional Studio & On-location Photography

Fotoscene is a well established photographic company working both within the industry and with the general public, offering a full range of photographic services be it in our own studios or on location. We pride ourselves by being able to discuss and build the packages to suit any requirements from the budget conscious to the most discerning.

Web Design - Content Management Solution
Purely Content provides, easicms, a product that makes managing your web site as simple as editing a document in your favourite document editing package, like Microsoft Word.