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We believe that eBay has enabled and encouraged more individuals into buying and selling (and as such using the technology) than any other medium in history: Power to the people! 
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"Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon." - Winston Churchill

To commit to starting a new enterprise in the UK currently, you must be brave, desperate or have an absolute belief that there's a significant demand for your product or service.

That is, if the company is to be a 'conventional' operation with staff, office/s, possibly production facilities, warehouse/s and vehicles.

In most cases the potential benefits - and profits, are outweighed by the risk and high costs of compliance with the rules, regulations and probable administrative overload which prevail whether you sell anything or not.

On the other hand, todays' technologies enable almost anyone to start and run or partake in 'small' business/es  which don't demand the staff levels and outgoings associated with 'conventional' set-ups and whilst defined here as 'small' business, this doesn't imply small earnings.  Indeed, many of the over 500,000 'new millionaires' worldwide in 2003/4 are individual investors and entrepreneurs - as opposed to corporate leaders.

According to the Merrill Lynch/Capgemini World Wealth Report, fewer Europeans gained millionaire status compared to those in North America, China and India due to burdensome tax regimes, but there was still a 2.4% increase - to 2.6 million.

Are you already a millionaire?  How many millionaires do you know?
The chances are good that a number of them have built their wealth without having to be major employers.

How?, What? and Where?

You may need a job to cover living expenses, but except for the few, conventional employment won't take you much further... Read - or listen to Robert Kiyosakis 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' and grasp his concept of the cashflow quadrant for a clear understanding why you have to be in or move into the second (self-employment), third (business ownership) and/or fourth (property) quadrants for financial freedom.

As for What, unless you want to (continue?) work/ing  yourself into the ground, then something that produces a passive or residual income!
Property can be good (mostly)... for both capital growth and income: However, if and whilst you're building a portfolio, you should also be building your alternatives. Sticking with Robert Kiyosaki for the moment, get a copy of his 'Business School - For People Who Like Helping People'.

Where is the simplest to answer... Wherever you are!  You don't have to stop whatever you currently do, until you're part time income is enough to support you or unless it suits you. 

Look for products or services that are established, in regular demand and don't need to be stocked.  Utilities, eBooks and many items that you can earn commission on - particularly through the Internet, all fall into this group.




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