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Why is Referral or Network Marketing so powerful ?
Isn't it Pyramid Selling ?
Will it affect my Company or Current Employment ?

Invest some time finding out:-

After reading this, you'll see...
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Randy Gage tells his story...
and it's seriously worth watching.

J. Paul Getty (Sr.) said there are 4 things one must do in order to be rich.

1. Be in a business for yourself.
2. Have unique, highly consumable products.
3. Be able to build success upon the success of others.
4. Leverage your time - "having 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of one's own effort."

Of course, how unique and highly consumable the products are depend on which you choose.  Other than that, Referral / Network Marketing covers all the points.

Isn't it Pyramid Selling? -
Strange isn't it - that in a world where nearly every type of organisation does inherently have a pyramid structure, the one which doesn't gets labelled as one and referred to in negative terms. 

One of the myths about Network Marketing is that those at 'the top' make all the money off those at 'the bottom'.  Another is that 'It doesn't work.'

Whilst it's possible (& illegal) to construct a 'compensation plan' (pay structure) that unduly focuses earnings on gathering people as opposed to offering the product or service, the fact is that a genuine network marketing organisation allows anyone to earn more than the people who joined before them.

All too often, various articles point out that lots of large well known conventional companies use the power of network marketing to get their products moving... as though this adds credibility.  The problem is that - IF network marketing is just one of the ways a company wins customers, it's not totally committed to it's distributors and could dump them once the product is established.  It is seriously recommended to avoid anything which is just one of a number of marketing projects. 
As far as it 'not working' is concerned, this depends entirely on the individual.  If you'd argue that it's down to the product, then we're back to a basic principle - that if you wouldn't buy, use and believe in the product yourself, of course it won't work.
If the individual does buy, use and believe in it, so will others - now it's simply a case of introducing similar people - preferably lots of them.

In Summary: Only recommend things you buy, use and believe in, and choose who you work with carefully.

Will it affect my Company or Current Employment ?
In short, No. Unless you work under a contract that absolutely precludes you from any other commercial activity and assuming you're honest enough not to work on your own business in your employers time.
In the long term of course, you may decide to stop being an employee.
In the meantime you can work your business part-time and build for the future without any risk to your current income. 

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