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Information & Funding options for 'Small' Business


Are you aware that those nice people in Brussels support economic growth for small companies... including home based businesses ? 

European Union Funding for Small to Medium Business

The European Union manages a re-structuring fund and it needs to find the people or organisations who are intended to get their support.

“Objective 2 of the Structural Funds aims to revitalise all areas facing structural difficulties, whether industrial, rural, urban or dependent on fisheries. Though situated in regions whose development level is close to the Community average, such areas are faced with different types of socio-economic difficulties that are often the source of high unemployment.” 

Find out if you're in one of the designated areas by going to

Genisys is itself helping to find and distribute funds in one area and if you have been referred here because of that - read on below... 


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European Social Fund

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'Small to Medium' Business Funding - Thames Corridor 


ICTS' main objectives are to provide support for SME creation, growth and development, develop key locations and assist with community economic regeneration.

ICTS offers the small business invaluable I.T. advice and support.

Participants can benefit from I.T. Assessment/s, 
Helpdesk Support,
Equipment Installation &
Training... much of which is Free.


We are looking for small to medium businesses which would like to take up £500 of funding for business development.

The money can be used for any valid purpose including equipment purchases, training, improved computing or communication methods, consultancy or whatever our survey, or your needs, indicate would help your organisation advance.

The money is available on a ‘matched funding’ basis. We agree with you as to the best investment of £1,000 and you are asked to commit £500 from your own sources. The products, services or whatever has been agreed are then provided or purchased for you by the fund holders. No catches here, this simply ensures the money is spent as intended.

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Objective 2 funding areas in the Thames corridor by Ward, Road & Postcode