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Satisfaction in Commercial &/or Financial success is somewhat diluted if your Health or that of a member of your family stops you from enjoying it.

The Media consistently shows how society is diverging, with some on serious 'fitness plans' whilst others gorge on 'junk' food and practice life as a couch potato etc.

If you fall ill or have an accident of course you'll go to see your Doctor (in most cases).  In the UK we have an excellent National Health Service, that's what it's there for.

But spare some thought on whether getting repaired - after the fact, if it's possible isn't just indicative that an interest in 'wellness' is overdue.

There are good and bad people along with good and bad practices in all walks of life most definitely including the health (or illness) industry, but it's odd that so many official bodies and practitioners decry Complimentary and Alternative health practices (and vice versa).

Whatever the issue, collect the data, consider what makes sense to you, check the viability of each avenue and - trusting there's time - test it, then proceed with what works best.

"300,000 Americans are KILLED each year in hospitals alone as a result of medical negligence"  - Summary of a 1993 News release following a 3 year study by Ralph Naders' Consumer advocacy  group

"Compare that with the military losses in Vietnam over a period of 10 years where an average of 5,600 per year died on the field of battle with people running around with guns and knives - trying to kill each other."  Dr. Joel D. Wallach B.S., D.V.M., N.D.
There are - of course, those who disagree with Joel Wallach, some of whom aren't with us any longer to continue the debate...
Get a free audio tape of Joel Wallach's 'Dead Doctors Don't Lie', check anything that relates to you, and make your own mind up.

There are anti Acupuncture lobbies, anti Homeopathy lobbies and anti most other Complimentary and Alternative Health practice lobbies along with those that consider that Psychiatry can be good for you.

One really useful factor! - coming back to technology: The Internet gives access to most of the views and data, enabling research... which wasn't easily achieved before.





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